Madeline Elaine Miller (all pronouns)  is a lighting designer, assistant lighting designer, playwright, installation artist, and theater maker based in Pittsburgh, PA. Madeline has a passion for playing with light, and seeks to be a creator of art that changes minds and challenges norms.  They work with accessibility, safety, and inclusion of all people at the forefront of their practice. Their work is whimsical and inspired by our emotional instincts and connections to light in the real world. Madeline is especially interested in work that engages with pressing social issues, and the intersection of light and media. They believe sustainability is an integral part of the theatre industry's future. Madeline is currently pursuing a BFA in Lighting Design with an additional major in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at  Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Current and Upcoming:
Summer 2024 Early Bird Visual- Intern 
August 2024 Tova: A Mass Extinction Play at The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination- Playwright and Lighting Designer
October 2024 Transformations at Carnegie Mellon University- Lighting Designer 
November 2024 Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play at Carnegie Mellon University- Lighting Designer 
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