Micromegas is an original adaptation by Madeline Elaine Miller. 
"Micromegas follows the adventures of two intergalactic philosophers as they attempt to discover the meaning of existence, finding it in an unexpected place. 
This Micromegas is an adaptation from the original c.1700 short story by philosopher Voltaire. The original story was a means for Voltaire to grapple with his own struggles with the church and court during his exile from France. He turns to the cosmos to investigate sentience, religion, and politics. 
This adaptation focuses on issues that are more relevant to us in the here and now: questions about connection, empathy, and humanity’s place in the universe. We’ve discovered something of a science fiction love story within the original’s philosophical musings.
 Despite asking different questions, we find answers in many of the same places. 
Micromegas, in its original 18th century imagination and today, is about a desire that transcends star systems and centuries, to find meaning and connection in a universe that is unfathomably vast."
- Madeline Elaine Miller 
by Madeline Elaine
Director: Jeremy Pitzer     Lighting Designer: Madeline Elaine Miller 
Scenic Designer: Jonas Harrison    Composer/Pianist: Larsen Vincent     
Costume Designer: Jeremy Pitzer     Media Designer: Luke Vincent    
Stage Manager: Angie Monahan     Production Manager: Megan Hanna     
Featuring: Aidan Winn, JJ Beck, Moire Del Carmen, Ella Noriega 

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